CAUTION: Before you accept or make a counter offer – ask these questions.

fork_in_the_roadIts well documented in the databases of recruitment companies that within 3-6 months of an accepted counter offer, the employee will be back on the market hunting for a job again!  A genuine offer or a quick fix?

Whether you are looking for a new job, hiring a new employee or have just had a resignation – its necessary to expect a textbook case of the COUNTER OFFER and its consequence to appear in your process.

From time to time a genuine counter offer can lead to a better work experience and ongoing loyalty, however in most cases a counter offer is a short tem fix!  What will yours be?


BEFORE you ACCEPT a counter offer ask:

  • Will the conditions of this offer actually address and resolve my reasons for leaving in the first place, or is the is a short term fix?
  • Is this offer being made with my best interests at heart or is this an attempt to deal with the inconvenience of my resignation?
  • Why has it taken an extreme action like my resignation to get what I have asked for?  How will I address my future requirements with this business?
  • Will my loyalty be questioned and future opportunities be jeapordised as a result of my resignation?
  • Will I be accepting this offer because I finally feel validated and acknowledged rather than because it is in my best interests?
  • What effect will accepting this offer have on my professional reputation and what impact will it have on the organization that has just hired me?
  • Am I really willing to recommit to a career and am I able to fully engage with this business?
  • Am I considering this offer because I have cold feet and the security of what I know seems a better option than taking a risk?  Am I afraid of making the wrong the decision?

BEFORE you MAKE a counter offer ask:

  • Do I really understand this person’s reasons for leaving and does this offer genuinely address or resolve the issues?
  • Is this offer in the best interests of the employee and the business or am I trying to avoid the inconvenience of the resignation?
  • Am I making this offer because I am afraid of the consequences of this person leaving?
  • Am I confident that this person will be able to re-engage in the business?
  • Is this an ideal opportunity to assess the needs of the role in question and the contribution that this person is actually making?
  • Could this resignation be to the long-term advantage of the business?
  • What will need to be addressed with this person so that we can work in partnership.  Do I trust their loyalty?

Got some helpful counter offer insight or advice ?–  tell us all about it!


I have worked with Jodi off & on for 10 years now and have always been impressed at the time and care Jodi takes to get to know her clients and their current needs. I have lost count of the number of great people Jodi has sent my way and know I can rely on her to find excellent people!

Melissa Quirk GM People and Culture, Overland|Merchant 1948

Jodi would have to be the best recruitment specialist that I have worked with, always finding not only the best candidates but the best culture fit, in what was a challenging labor market in New Zealand. 
Jodi operates with great integrity, honesty and is a true professional.

Libby Sanderson Retail Director, Adidas Group

Jodi is a highly professional business woman who always delivered fantastic results. She is consistent in her delivery of service and has a deep understanding of recruitment in NZ.

Kerry Lila General Manager, Hallensteins Brothers

We have worked with Jodi over the last 7 years – Jodi took time to understand our business and our needs to ensure she presented the right candidates, efficiently and effectively every time!

Jacqui Coombes Director HR&NZ, Bunnings Australia and New Zealand Jacqui Coombes Testimonial - Director HR&NZ for Bunnings Australia and New Zealand

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